We aim to reduce anxiety while increasing comfort!


Our Sumner local dental patients benefit from an array of modern technology and an unrivaled standard of care.


Dr. Crane has built a dental experience designed to meet the demands of busy family life.

Sumner Dentist

We believe dentistry should never feel like a burden or a chore. With modern advancements, we are living in the age of innovation, which leads to more convenience and heightened comfort. Our dental practice in Sumner, WA keeps up with the latest trends and passes these benefits onto our patients. Dr. Crane combines this cutting-edge approach with a real emphasis on patient comfort. He has equipped our office to meet the needs of even the most anxious patients. We have:

Dr. Crane sees the importance of building close relationships with each patient. This helps you feel relaxed and able to express your concerns freely. By getting to know you as a person, our Sumner Dentist can adapt each visit to meet your individual needs. Whether you have a fear of dentistry or need a more comprehensive procedure, Dr. Crane and our team will make you feel comfortable and help you achieve your dental goals.

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Your Dental Home

When you visit our local dental office in Sumner, WA, you leave your anxiety at the door. Our compassionate team creates a comfortable environment that matches your needs and comfort level.

We always listen to your concerns and empathize with how you feel. Once we understand your goals, we’ll spring into action to ensure you get the best care possible.


Your Health Is Our Priority

As a local dental practice, our main concern is how we can positively impact your family’s health. Dr. Scott Crane has created an enjoyable dental experience packed with modern technology and advanced techniques.

This winning combination enables us to provide you with a higher standard of care that encompasses your oral health and overall well-being. Your health is in great hands!

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We Respect You

As your chosen healthcare provider, our unique Sumner dental team feels responsible for giving you first-class care that benefits your lifestyle.

Our prompt treatment and commitment to keeping on schedule demonstrate how we don’t want to burden your busy life. We offer extended hours and also strive to honor your time by providing effective and efficient dentistry in Sumner, WA.


Whole health dentistry with a preventative focus.

With the advancements in technology comes more understanding of how your mouth affects the rest of your body. At Dental Care of Sumner, we educate our patients on this oral-systemic link and provide state-of-the-art treatments to keep your family healthy. Each of our services has been meticulously thought-out, out so you get the exact care you need in a manner that suits your comfort level.


Oral Hygiene
Feel refreshed and confident with our custom hygiene program.

Faster, more discreet, and more comfortable aligning therapy is here!

Dental Implants
Enjoy renewed function and beauty with this modern restorative offering.

IV Sedation
Dr. Scott Crane is certified to provide this form of deep sedation dentistry.

Teeth Whitening
Removing stains and brightening smiles with our cosmetic solution.

Oral Cancer Screening
Showing our commitment to your overall health.


Giving you the best dental care in Sumner, WA.